When someone suffers from a lazy bladder it is known as urinary retention. The term lazy is given because the bladder is unable to fully empty when you urinate. The condition most often occurs when there is a blockage, or dysfunction of the nerves and muscles that control the bladder.

Older men and women are most susceptible to bladder retention; however it can affect anyone, at any age.

What Are The Causes?

There are several different causes for both women and men. For men it is usually a result of an enlarged prostate and for women it can occur following childbirth.

The main causes are mentioned below:

  • Prostate infections that cause the urethra to become inflamed.


  • Neurological disorders such as spinal injuries, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and a herniated disk can all cause a lazy bladder. These conditions may interrupt the signals between the bladder and the brain, meaning that the brain is unaware that the bladder needs emptying.


  • Vaginal prolapse in women can also cause the bladder to become lazy. It usually causes a hypotonic bladder muscle that does not squeeze hard enough to fully empty the bladder. Often this occurs after multiple childbirths and is one of the most common reasons why women suffer from bladder retention.


  • If you often avoid going to the toilet when needed, it can eventually cause the bladder to become overstretched. This can often occur when patients have been hospitalised for a long time and cannot get up to go to the toilet often.


  • Medications can also cause a lazy bladder, especially antihistamines.


The Symptoms

The most common symptom of a lazy bladder is the inability to empty it fully. This often results in the need to go to the toilet more often than usual.

Other symptoms include:

  • Discomfort in the area surrounding the bladder.
  • Bloating
  • Urine leakage that can be brought on by coughing and sneezing.
  • Inability to urinate
  • A weak urine stream.

If you do suffer from any of the above symptoms, you should visit your doctor for a full diagnosis.

What Are The Treatment Options?

There are treatments ranging from surgery in severe cases, to a few lifestyle changes if the condition is not serious.

In order to learn more about natural solutions to combat bladder related problems please visit http://flotrolrevealed.com/ for more information.

Maintaining a healthy weight is important and avoiding certain foods and drinks can also help. You should stay away from caffeine and alcohol as these can make a lazy bladder even lazier!

Pharmaceutical drugs may often be prescribed to treat bladder issues, but these come with the risk of numerous side effects and for that reason, many choose natural treatments instead.

There are numerous natural remedies available that can be purchased over the internet or from certain health stores. Often the main ingredients in these products are natural herbs. If you are considering natural remedies, you should look for the ingredients soy and pumpkin seeds as these have been shown in clinical studies to greatly improve a lazy bladder!


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